AGCC New Member Formula
(4 year phase-in)

Adopted August 26, 2014

Year 1:

  • Dues are $250; stock payment is $200 & capital improvement fee (CIF) is $120. All payable upon joining. Total $570. *

* No required food minimum.

Year 2:

  • Dues are $450; stock payment is $200. Both payable in January. Total $650.
  • Capital improvement fee (CIF) of $10 and food minimum of $25 are payable monthly.

Years 3 and 4:

Dues are at 50% & 25% discounts from standard, respectively. Member will have option of paying dues monthly, along with CIF and food minimum, but stock payment of $200 is due in January. (Formula for paying dues monthly is add 8 1/2%, divide by 9 & pay in equal amounts January-September.)

Year 5:

Full membership dues apply, along with final $200 stock payment. Stock certificate is issued & member acquires voting rights.


If a member resigns during the phase-in period, that member may rejoin after a one- year hiatus, but upon rejoining shall pay full membership fees plus entire stock payment of $1,000, with no credit given for stock payments made during prior phase-in period.